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Spring Green upped their price of admission to $20, and reduced the number of awards and the quality (size) of the awards. I did not patronize the Spring Green show this year, for those reasons. Admittedly, it is a good show, but not that good. I don’t see me returning to that show in years to come.

I’m not a trophy hunter, so I can’t speak with any authority about the custom made trophies. I did attend several shows this year that handed out custom made trophies, and I thought they were very well done, and unique. The MATC show comes to mind. I did admire the piston trophies awarded at the Cranked, Inc. car show in Janesville. The pistons were color powder coated and mounted on nice wood bases with engraved plates, and looked really nice.

Regarding the radial tires issue at the Springdale Church Show – just about every car in the stock class was running radial tires instead of bias ply tires