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Merc Man
Merc Man

You are correct about Spring Green, Gunner. In my opinion, no participant judged show is worth $20. There are professional judged shows that cost that or less than that. Some of the bigger two day shows charge only $25-$30. The original organizer of the show in Spring Green only charged $8 for a much better show. Like you Gunner, our group no longer patronizes this show either.
The one thing these car shows need to remember, is that we bring our cars to provide them with a show, without our cars there is no show. Instead of charging us more to enter our cars, maybe charge a couple of bucks to the people coming to see the cars.
And as far as the “custom” trophies, some of them are thought out, however most look like “scraps” stuck together to save a buck. Plastic trophies are not big dollar items either but, at least it looks like the show appreciates our cars, and us.