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I am sorry if that seems harsh and or angry. I have been called an asshole to my face from this and been called classless among other things in emails. All because some cars got dusty or someone didn’t get a trophy that they thought they deserved

For years I did the QSL cruise night and constantly had to answer questions of “why is that car in here?” Or “I can go to the dealer and see cars like that”..I am fed up with the attitude of someone thinking they’re special.

It is ironic that so many BUY a car, take it to shows, and take credit for someone else’s efforts and then expect to be treated special or don’t respect someone else because they don’t do what they want. So many show their cars to feed their ego and then get upset that someone doesn’t look at their car or reward their car or worse yet the wrong person looks at their car. God forbid some little kid finds their car interesting and touches it. What is happening to people? I thought this hobby was one to bring joy to ourselves and others. Why do so many bitch and moan if things aren’t the way they expect it to be? If you are so worried about your car being touched or getting a little dirty or whatever, stay home, keep it in a box, and don’t let anyone see it…oh wait then no one can tell you how cool your car is. geeez

sorry..rant over