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brush it off … every person that brought in a car had the right to drive in and make a decision if they wanted to stay.

I always get a chuckle with the folks that attend our local car shows thinking they are at a concourse show (in reality most of these folks have never attended a true concourse show and would probably be in tears after the judging was complete).

After ten years of showing cars, the best 2 for me were the last 2 where every show I went to I left early so I could enjoy other things.

Roasting in the sun for 7 hours for the chance of a “car expert” to pick my car for a 20 dollar plastic trophy is not as fun as driving the car and watching people rubber neck and point at it …

Move the show next year to a grassy field near by and I’ll be the first one in line to attend (and still leave early ;)