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Amigo2k wrote:
brush it off … every person that brought in a car had the right to drive in and make a decision if they wanted to stay.

I always get a chuckle with the folks that attend our local car shows thinking they are at a concourse show (in reality most of these folks have never attended a true concourse show and would probably be in tears after the judging was complete).

After ten years of showing cars, the best 2 for me were the last 2 where every show I went to I left early so I could enjoy other things.

Roasting in the sun for 7 hours for the chance of a “car expert” to pick my car for a 20 dollar plastic trophy is not as fun as driving the car and watching people rubber neck and point at it …

Move the show next year to a grassy field near by and I’ll be the first one in line to attend (and still leave early ;)

I can only echo Ryan’s words. There will always be “those people” at shows, and even members on this board. If their is a legitimate gripe, so be it. Taking your car to an event like bratfest, and bitching it got dusty is just silly. Trust me, I’m the leading authority on car show pissing and moaning ;)

If a show is that bad, leave. Plain and simple. If you bitch about it, stay thru the awards to only bitch some more, you likely pissed because you didn’t win an award. Spent thousands of dollars buying or building a car to not enjoy it in my opinion. I always try to give first year shows the benefit of inexperience. See how they do the second year, and if they don’t take the constructive criticism to heart (Albany), I don’t go back. If they clearly don’t know what the hell they are doing (Reedsburg), I don’t go back.

We have a rate the show section on this board. I wish more people would use it.