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I made the trip 2-3 years back? She’s a hell of a trip from
Appleton for the 30 second judge job that was done on my car.

They never even noticed that the car was tubed. Swore I’d never go back. So I hear you on the disappointment on the judging and even the awards for that matter.

I sometimes get the sheep going to the slaughter mentality when they take your money and run. You may have noticed that I slightly criticized this and similar shows. While
applauding “car owner expense friendly” events.

Come up to the valley next year. Yesterday I had about five shows to chose from, and today two or three.

I make a few weekend down south and stay overnight between shows to justify the fuel expense incurred. It,s a nice weekend away from the local car show and people. A great opportunity for making new friends. Try it you’ll like it.