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~ 175 cars for sale, the large lot in the back was empty, and they took some of the normal for sale area and had it for the show cars and part of the show car area was for handicap parking.

~125 show cars …

Plenty of vendors selling tons of junk … I was lucky to find a few pieces of literature commonly found in the glove box of my car when new, and an insert I was missing in my center console.

I think the time has come for Jefferson to try some new things … The number of cars keeps shrinking each year (even though their flyers and web site indicate they have +800 cars for sale and +500 show cars).

If they want to take it to the next level they may want to have on their website a list of cars with photos and descriptions that will be at the show. Make the folks prepay and email in photos and a write-up (marketing your car).

Also a spot for what vendors will be there and some of the parts they have too would be nice.

a couple of cars for sale:


… and there were even show winner’s for sale …