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The O-town Showdown will not be happening this year. I simply do not have time to put it together due to high demand of my job. The Oregon Chamber of Commerce is planning on running a car show at the same location and same time. I would like to make it clear this is not the same show, but I highly encourage all to attend and If I am able I will also attend. I am sorry for the confusion as I tried extremely hard to make my show happen but alas I could not. I will be looking at running the show next year and hope to see you all at a show or two this year. Finally spring has sprung and I just took the car out yesterday for its first ride. One oil change and wash away from official cruise ready. I would also like to put a shout out for my friends Charity Car show,

Please help him raise money its a great cause and he is a great guy!

See you all soon!!!!!

Sergeant Hoff