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I’ll echo the food line… what on earth? Dickie’s BBQ was in charge this year, and while it was good – why didn’t they have more than two people serving? Take a lesson from other shows, hire Boy Scouts, or some non profit group that needs to make some extra money and put them in charge. More bathrooms and garbage cans would’ve been nice, you can never have too many of those at shows like this. My only other suggestion… we paid $15 to get in and they gave one award per class? I know the kids make the awards and I’m sure they are lots of work, but with 400 cars (and some very nice ones), spread things around a little, or narrow down your Import classes?

All in all, great show – you couldn’t ask for better weather, and so many cars I’ve never seen before. The celebrities all seemed to be enjoying themselves, taking lots of pics and talking to everyone. Not sure how Madison Police lets them get away with the burnouts leaving the show, but I enjoyed it.