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we will try to allow as many as we can. The space that is set aside for us is smallish, that is why we went with the 50. I have asked for more parking for people that cruise in to have separated parking too. I don’t think it will be an issue. The ones pre-registered will be judged and be the only ones that can receive trophies, but all are welcome.

I know for many Memorial Day weekend is spent with family or out cruising around, so that is why I suggested a show and a cruise-in. Those who want to show all day can be judged and those who simply want to stop in for a bit and then leave as they wish can do that as well. I hope it works out. It is something new.

BTW the trophies were created tonight by Jeff Stone and myself. They are truly unique and and hopefully will be well received. They kids choice is probably over $10K worth of race car parts. And each trophy has moving parts