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Bigbluetruck wrote:
Both facts bother me, i attend shows to compete and hopefully win an award. If i dont win thats fine with me but i at least want to feel i have a good chance and with the truck class being all trucks all years i know i don`t have a chance in hell with only one award,been there done that.If your one of those that say winning doesn`t matter than your full of it. Then why spend all that time and money on your ride.If it`s not about the awards then why even bother to spend money on registration, just show up and don`t register and spend time with friends, don`t spend hours on end cleaning and polishing if it`s not important to win at every show you go to.

DDHemi would agree with your comments 100%. Believe it or not, there are still people out there with a competitive spirit. There are also people that are laid back and don’t give a rats ass if they win or not. The laid back people shouldn’t get pissy with those who are there to compete.

I am one of those people who don’t get excited when I don’t win, but when I see a deserving car get skunked (whether its mine or someone elses) I might just have to give my opinion thats not asked for :whistle: If you want to see my competitive side, come watch me play in my football or softball league!!