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Specific Ratings (A-F):
Arrival/Departure (easy to find, easy to leave?) – This show is very easy to find, we were there by 8 a.m. Saturday and 9 a.m. Sunday, no issues.
Parking Location – They have done a much better job at getting the cars in the lot and allowing everyone to have the space they need.
Class Organization – ??? This really confuses me as when you register you aren’t given any choices but yet when trophies are announced there are classes??
Trophies & Prizes – The awards given looked great, and the door prizes were nice too. Another thing confusing this year was many brought a non perishable food item as according to the website and registration form you would be eligible for a $100 award, but when we registered the girls at the trailer told us to put the food item in the barrell and the girl handing out the info sheets indicated that was a mistake?? Who knows…
Food – I know they ran out of burgers/brats during the day on Saturday and were selling at 50% off on Sunday. I didn’t purchase anything there, but saw plenty of people walking around with $6.50 Bloody Marys?!! Yowsa!
Entertainment – Plenty of everything, the music was at a nice volume, I appreciated that!
Judging – No offense to anyone that won (Congrats Marshall!!) but there were some HANDS DOWN beautiful cars that didn’t win awards this weekend and others that were very questionable that walked away with awards. I would like to see some real judging done at this event, not just driving by on the golf cart looking at the cars…
Dash Plaque – Nice!
Variety of Cars – You can’t get any better, many cars I’ve never seen before and others that made changes/improvements over the winter.
Bathrooms – Plenty of portables, more garbage cans would’ve been nice.
Weather – It started out sunny and beautiful Saturday morning but was pouring rain by 3 p.m. It rained on and off until at least midnight and was COLD Sunday when we woke. Not what I was looking forward to, but I still managed to get sunburned.
Trophy Presentation Timing – Great! They started on time, kept it moving and we were out of there within 45 minutes.
Entry Fee – $10 for two days, it doesn’t get better than that.
Overall Rating: B

This was a good show, we always look forward to getting away after a LONG winter and relaxing with friends. The weather wasn’t cooperative for the second straight year and less than half the cars returned today making me wonder if this should become a 1 day show instead of 2?

I still don’t understand their judging selections and when they announced classes that weren’t on the registration form, it’s confusing to many. One of our members won in the “Survivor” class for a car he drives just about every day, but I suppose they do things for a reason.

The other thing I’d like to see worked on is getting people out of the park faster, if possible. When it started to rain yesterday 75% of the participants decided to leave at the same time. I heard today some were in line for up to an hour waiting to get out. There really should be another exit or some direction on getting out in a timely manner. I don’t think there’s ever been a medical emergency or anything of that nature, but it would be difficult to get out if you really needed to.

The police didn’t seem too bad this year, but I think the weather put a damper on many outdoor activities Saturday night. The cruising/car show season has officially begun! Thank goodness! :)