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jonmandude wrote:
I am sorry that you got butthurt in this. Zac cracks jokes, hell, many of us do. Don’t be so thin skinned.

He’s my neighbor, who talks shit about me behind my back because I live with my Dad. Apparently my living situation and finances are his business, and feels the need to send salty emails to Dwight, not knowing that DDHemi was Dwight :whistle: He’s also the same guy who shoots fireworks at my “Daddy’s House” and gets pissy when I stomp his liberal theories into the ground with aggressive facts.

Everyone on here knows I can be an asshole. I’m good at getting my point across, by any means neccessary.

Paul had his chance to be a man and talk to me when I was mowing my daddy’s ditch back before the drought, but instead he rode right by. I will say that I am not the same guy my Dad is, he’s a lot more calm and collected :whistle: I don’t put up anyone’s BS. I have a great career and have made it with no one’s help. The last thing I’ll put up with is some burnout judging me about how I live my life.

Haters Gonna Hate.