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Thanks for a reasonable response. I read the article too, and yes, I fully agree that he was cutting corners. He admits as much. I did not advocate for the use of brake cleaner for welding.

But consider that I didn’t post the warning to a professional welding forum. I put it out there on a collector car forum. I’m 52, and when I was in school, I learned how to cut, braze, and weld metals. If they warned us then about heated brake cleaner turning deadly, I either missed it or forgot it. I own old cars, and I work on them, and I assumed others out there like me might benefit from a reminder.

If you appreciate my care in posting it but have relevant input (like your last post stressing the dangers of chemical misuse), then I suggest you might have avoided the “possibly fictional” descriptive. I’m probably as skeptical as anyone of the validity of claims made on the internet, so I admit that anything can be fake. But his website complete with address, photo, and phone number looks pretty secure, and the guy’s all over the bicycle and motorcycle web world. While it’s reasonable to describe the guy as careless, I see no reason for suggesting he or his advice are fictional.

As you wrote: “Be smart, be careful, and be safe.”. That’s all I was suggesting. It kind of got sidetracked.

Please do not worry that I got my butt hurt. I’m actually fairly thick skinned. Zac and I do not share many views as his latest post shows, and that’s fine by me.

Adios. It’s been fun.