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jonmandude wrote:
For cars parked in the wrong classes. There are two problems. Either they are trying to cheat to win or they were given wrong info.

If a car is parked in the wrong class, the judges should be knowledgeable enough to see it (or they shouldn’t be judging). If they see a car parked in the wrong class, they should ask the owner why they are in that class. Maybe there is a reason, like “the person at registration or at the entrance told me I belong in this class”. If that is the case, they should be judged in the proper class. If that is not the reason then they should not be judged..period. Or there should be a HUGE deduction for wrong class.

I also have a very illustrative example from yesterday’s Blanchardville show. I was competing in the 1970 to 1972 factory stock class. (Class 10) Parked immediately next to me was a 1972 Monte Carlo, anything but factory stock. I would have put this car in a mild or full custom class, based on what I saw. It was an Elvis tribute car complete with pinstriping all around the car, a fender to fender Elvis mural on the back of the car and retro looking interior with blue piping, and lots and lots of chrome on the engine. To add insult to injury this couple brought their own music. If I hear “hunka hunka burning love” one more time, I will throw up. The judging team spent a great deal of time with this car, and seemed to be very impressed. My factory, bone stock Skylark, got about 90 seconds of their attention, and off they went. This team of judges should have immediately noticed that it was in the wrong class. I could have spoke up and said something, but I chose to remain silent.