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This got me thinking.

Why do we have so many classes any how?
Because many people choose which shows to go to by their best chance to get a trophy. So in order to draw more spectators, we have added classes to give out more trophies. But in the process haven’t we cheapened the whole idea? We have all seen cars that received trophies just because they were in a class of 3 and they were the 3rd best car.

Then the shows try to do year restrictions to cut back. But that hurts the hobby.

So we are back to adding classes so more people receive trophies and leave happy, so they’ll come back next year. But then we bitch and moan because the trophy presentation takes too long and the day is too long because it takes too long to judge 40 classes of cars.

How about instead of dash plaques we just give each person a “best of class” trophy upon entering and call it a day? Then everyone can feel good about themselves. Is that where we are headed?

We can’t let the Mustangs compete with the muscle cars. We can’t let the corvettes compete with the Camaros. We can’t let the small blocks compete with the big blocks…in the same damn cars. It is ridiculous.