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Not to add fuel to any fire, but at almost every judged show I’ve attended, an announcement regarding those who think they have not been judged is made, so you need to speak up and let the organizers know you’ve been overlooked if that is the case (for anyone).

Here are the head judges comments:

As you see Mr Kinnamon now thinks this judging sheet is a forgery. He has given us all the information we need to close this matter.

Mr Kinnamon entered Class “CC” =2001 to present with an 2003 chev truck (approx 7-8 years old depending on its in-service date)

1)he said he was not parked on the lake side, but if he would have scrolled down further ,the back of the sheet shows where he put an”x” mark that shows his true location.(which is by the tennis court as he stated)
2) If this was “filled out recently” as he says ,how did his hand writing get in the owners information box?(I contacted the head of registration who told me the vehicle owner fills that out.
3)He mentioned he has “an almost perfect body”, and that his seats are ” like new seats”
4)”he has added alot of chrome and his wheels are highly polished” this is nice but do you have any “curb marks that dont polish out, /things that are not mentioned but seen at the show? Lets remember it was raining last year so chrome evaluations will be tough to verify in the rain. we judge on what we see. besides the amount of chrome does not change the score.
5)” his paint is like looking in a mirrior” Again it was raining last year.

I did speak up, they said i was judged but could not or would not allow me to see my judging sheet.

It took me 11 months to get a copy of my judging sheet or what they say is my judging sheet.What made me suspect that it was a made up judging sheet was the map location where they say i was parked at lakeside when in fact i was parked at the far end of the tennis court near the frog pond and next to the food and silent auction area.They tried to say my truck was dirty from the rain when in fact i took it to a self serve car wash in town then wiped it all down at the show. Go to the show website, click on 2011 picture gallery 2nd page top right corner you will see my truck and how clean it was and see that i was not parked lakeside. They scored my truck 60 out of 100. they gave my tires and wheels a 5 out of 10,Ithink some one just tried to remember or guess what and where my truck was and how it looked. I have copies of my so called judging sheets if any one cares to look at it.