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I do like to win. I love competitive spirit. It’s what made this country great. It’s funny how some people bash others for their reasons of being at shows.Who cares. If you dont like my reviews these people can take a sugar frosted you know what off of my you know where.

I also like the trim at these shows:evil:

moparkid25 wrote:
circletrack wrote:
I submitted my review like everyone else did, those are my thoughts. The club did a great job, I also said I enjoyed the day and it was a good show, you must have missed that part.

Judging is a big deal, I know it is a lot of work. I attend several shows and know that many prefer to have their cars judged fairly, not just by the color, make or model. I also don’t appreciate being called a trophy hound. Winning awards is very nice THE day of the show when you are surrounded by your peers, after that the awards collect dust, anyone can agree with me on that. I never, ever expect to win an award, the quality of cars has increased so much you never know what you’re going to see from one show to the next, which is a great thing.

We all should consider ourselves lucky there are so many shows in the area, most often several to choose from. I attend shows to enjoy the day with my friends and family, winning is a bonus.

I have never paid $2 for a can of soda at a show, and never will.

You possibly need to attend more shows to give an accurate review.

I believe ddhemi is the resident trophy hound :whistle: