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Specific Ratings (A-F):
Arrival/Departure (easy to find, easy to leave?) – B
Parking Location – C – okay but visitor parking was far and it would be hard to leave if you had a car there
Class Organization – N/A
Trophies & Prizes – N/A
Food – B – farmer’s market at the square and shops on state street
Entertainment – N/A
Judging – N/A
Dash Plaque – N/A
Variety of Cars – B – a nice variety, not many 70s models though
Bathrooms – D – didn’t see any portajohns
Weather – B – overcast and cool
Trophy Presentation Timing – N/A
Entry Fee – A – free
Overall Rating: B- Overall a nice show; it was hindered a little by the construction on the first block of State Street but they compensated for it by extending cars onto a couple of the intersecting streets. A nice variety of cars and well setup.