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yeah, you got me….

I drove over 6 hours and spent $165 on gas because, “clearly, my only reason for attending” was to get a $5 trophy…… Talking to 2 different show organizers from Wisconsin, and offering to distribute fliers to their shows down in my area was only a “cover” for my real reason for being there – I clearly only wanted a trophy. Taking the time to photograph a lot of the participant cars, edit them into download-friendly size, and post them for everyone else to enjoy was only a “cover”damn, I really wanted one of those trophies. Spending hours talking to other car owners from the Janesville area about their cars, and being away from my own for 90% of the day, was only to throw people off from my real intentions…… I want my trophy!!!

I apologize for getting the year of the Chevelle wrong. My fault, should’ve been 1967 and not 1966. As for the other 2 that you claim I got wrong – can you see the “?” after the numbers “1994”? To most intelligent people, that would indicate I’m not sure if that’s the proper year or not. On the other one, can you see “1990’s?”..? Again, there’s a question mark there, meaning I’m not exactly sure of the year. So, I wouldn’t say I technically got them wrong. But, let’s be honest here… one of them is a Ford Probe, and the other is a Mitsubishi (aka Eagle Talon).. so who really even cares?

As for not paying the registration fee for the event:
Maybe I should try your philosophy the next time I go out to a movie or a sporting event….
I’m not really here to watch the movie, I’m just hanging out with my buddies….. so, would it be ok to go in to the theater without paying for a ticket?
I don’t really want to watch the game, I’m just here with my friends….. so, can I just go into the stadium and pick a seat without paying for a ticket??

If you were only there as a spectator, and didn’t expect to have to pay a registration fee, then do like all the other spectators did, and park on the road. You weren’t registered because you’re cheap. The money went to the church and a scholarship for someone “needy”. Do you have some type of problem with that??

I might have to slightly qualify one of my earlier opinions – “This is BY FAR the friendliest crowd I’ve seen in years. Absolutely top-notch spectators and car owners.” I still think this is 99% true. Unfortunately, the user “CodeGTR”, (who by the way was too cowardly to post under his “normal” user name), is the one blemish.

Thank you Moparkid25 for your support. I thought about typing the same comment you did, until I read his signature line. I didn’t see the need to call him an asshole, considering the poor guy owns a Ford Probe,,,, isn’t that embarrassing enough??:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: