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Interesting comments and story behind the car…

I agree with these comments also (except about the Chevelles, BJ always bring the Corvettes and there are plenty of buyers) ~

As a side note, this year’s B-J coverage by The Speed Channel had to be the worst ever. I wasn’t counting, but it seemed like four cars per hour were shown being auctioned.

The rest of the time, you were being “treated” to stupid stories about the world’s biggest motorcycle or some B-list celeb selling one of his cars. YAWN!

When a car actually came up for auction, you still had more garbage to suffer through, such as:

* Charity auctions for shitty cars that nobody wants to buy, but probably gets strong-armed into doing so they get invited to Craig’s Christmas party.

* Super-customized cars that have as much chance of being street-driven as a Tonka truck.

* A seemingly endless supply of 66-67 Corvettes and 69-70 Chevelles. Don’t get me wrong, they are cool cars, but I don’t need to see twelve of them.