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MMRJR wrote:

It would be interesting to see what side of the fence individual members of this forum are on.

Joe Kennedy was a bootlegger. He became rich illegally.

His children all got into politics. John cheated on Jackie with Marylin Monroe, and quite possibly had a three-way with her and his brother Bobby. His demise of course was some lead to the head, courtesy of Lee Harvey Oswald. 6 years later, Bobby met the same fate. Teddy was the only one who seemed to live, but ironically killed a woman and got away with it. Mary Jo Kopechne was unavailable for comment.

If I feel sorry for anyone, its Jackie O. She was a genuinely good person.

With that being said, the authenticity of this ambulance will always be in question. I find it very interesting, and will be curious to see the outcome, if there is one :dry: