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Auction Recap:
Sorry I’m posting a little later than had planned. The auction got a little late on Saturday night and we spent most of yesterday flying back. Not a great day to be stuck in the plane with the Packer game and all!

Overall the money was quite strong this year in Scottsdale. We went to check out the Russo Steele auction on Saturday morning and they had several nice cars as well. They had a ’70 Hemi Cuda convertible sell for 1.5 Million. Which as far as I know was the big seller of the entire weekend.

We sat right up front for the running of the now “infamous” JFK ambulance. We also got a chance to talk with the owner of the car for a few minutes in the feature tent before they ran it out. He does have a pretty compelling case as to the authenticity of the car, but in the end there was just too much controversy to bring the big bucks. I thought Steve Davis (the president of Barrett Jackson) and Craig Jackson himself did pretty well in their explanation of the situation. They had to be very careful mainly because if it ended up selling for 7 figures and then was found to be a fake down the road it could seriously damage their reputation. I’m sure the owner was bummed, but the conspiracy theorists really kicked in on Friday night. There were also some stories on the news that evening. I think the most compelling evidence that the doctor had was this. Each ambulance had an ID number on the doors. There were photos and video running in the display which showed Jackie Kennedy getting into an ambulance with JFK’s coffin on the night of his assassination. The door decal numbers on that ambulance matched the numbers on this ambulance. The owner then had documents from the Navy linking the VIN of his ambulance to those door ID numbers.

I think there are still so many emotions lingering from that assassination and the conspiracy theories that followed that this ambulance was probably doomed from the start.

All in all, I am happy to report for all of us that the American collector car market is strong once again. If it’s not completely back to where it was 5 years ago, it’s very close. While the numbers of the Barrett Jackson auction can be inflated at times, I still think it is a very good barometer as to the interest people have for these cars. And let me assure you by the number of vehicles, bidders, and spectators, the collector car market is alive and well!

I will try to upload some photos in the next day or so. I would especially like you guys to see some shots of that salvage yard.
Have a great week everyone and Go Pack!