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I had been a member of the Mustang Club of America for many, many years, but I terminated my membership with the MCA this year. It seemed to me that the focus and emphasis of this club shifted to the newer mustangs and shelbys. Owners of vintage mustangs are decreasing and the MCA was looking for growth and they found it with the newer mustangs and those that buy them. This club has experienced tremendous growth since broadening and expanding with the new Mustangs.

There is another national Mustang club, the Vintage Mustang Owners Association, and I will join this group down the road. The VMOA is not near as big or well known as the MCA, but it does serve those who own, drive or admire the vintage Mustangs, or what are called first generation cars, 1965 to 1973.

I think we need the newer cars at the shows, especially the newer Mustangs and Shelbys and all the different varieties that are available (GT’s, GT-Hs, Shelbys, Shelby GT-500s, Rousch cars, Saleen cars, etc). I really appreciate those shows that offer the Modern Muscle Class for the newer Mustangs, as well as the Camaro’s, Challengers, Chargers, etc.