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Blown69RS wrote:
I have Grundy for my Camaro…. all kinds of added extras included with coverage, no mileage restrictions, true agreed upon coverage, no deductible, extremely easy to deal with… Hagerty couldn’t come close to equal coverage (and really probably wouldn’t even cover my car due to mods). Give Grundy a shot, worth a try at least for your collector car.

Thanks for the info Russ. I contacted Grundy this afternoon to get a quote, and honestly they have the best rate so far and will allow me to use my car as I see fit. When reading the fine print on there website, it states that my collector vehicle cannot be used as a secondary daily driver, commuter, etc. I asked the guy on the other line what I can’t use my car for because its mine and he said “We understand what a car is designed for. You can’t enjoy it unless you’re driving it, we just don’t want them being driven every day year round.” That’s not a problem in WI! The total cost for the coverages with a $0 deductable is $271/year.

I was quoted the same from an independent insurance agent in Madison who was recommended to me by a friend of mine. For the Buick scenario, I think this may be the route to go, but I’m going to look over all options before I settle.