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I contacted Hagerty and American Collectors Insurance at lunch for quotes today. Hagerty went thru the interview process, then stated I would have driving restrictions as some pleasure driving is allowed but I would only be able to really drive my car to and from shows. I told them i drive my car 5-6k miles a year because thats what I have it for. They recommended I just stay where im at for coverage as I have it pretty good for being able to drive my car.

ACI gave me a quote for $358 a year for full coverage with no driving restrictions so i can use my car as I see fit. More or less he same coverages as Heacock, but more expensive. My Dad had ACI coverage on one of his old cars, and was happy with them. Of course, his driving record isnt as impreasive as mine :whistle:

Im going to go around and talk with some agents tomorrow when i get done work for insurance rates.