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This is one of those incidents that has really pushed my button! There used to be an Assistant District Attorney (ADA) in Dane County, ADA Anne Sayles, who was very proficient and specialized in the prosecution of those who targeted the elderly. Anne retired a couple of years ago, and no has picked up where she left off. This is no longer a priority program within the Dane County DA’s Office.

You would think that a place like West Towne Mall would be safe for an older couple to visit, walk, shop, hang out, etc. Especially in the food court area at noon. But no, a couple of no good thug punks use this location for robbing the easiest targets (the elderly).

I sincerely appreciate what the off duty police officer did! The location precluded him from drawing and using his concealed weapon (close quarters, too many people, and the crime was a property crime). I wonder though, where was mall security? And, what about all those other people in the food court area that saw what was happening but did not or chose not to get involved. Shame on them for not helping the elderly husband and the off duty officer.

I hope and pray that Madison PD makes this a priority investigation and identifies and arrests these two bottom feeders!