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The following two (2) posts originate from the comments section of an article posted on channel3000. They are both important to read and understand.

Eric · 11 hours ago
Thanks to everyone who helped my folks out. The EMTs, police, mall security, Apple Store personnel and especially the off duty officer who came to my parents aid all did a wonderful job helping them through a difficult incident. The off-duty officer is a hero and my folks were dismayed that he left before they had a proper chance to thank him. Hopefully the tracking and security software on the iPad will make it easier to find the miserable thugs who would ***ault an elderly woman leaving a restroom! Mark my words, I’ve taken note of the suspect and vehicle description and will be on the lookout when I’m around town. They’d better hope I call the cops if I see them first.

My parents are shaken up, but doing fine now. My mom scrimped and saved for her iPad for a long time, so it was a shame to have it stolen. They believe they must have been followed upon leaving the store. It’s easy to think you would be safe in the mall, but crimes of opportunity can present themselves almost anywhere. Be aware of your surroundings when you have valuable property on you or when leaving stores or ATMs. You never know what kind of monster is waiting for you. Reply
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+10 Vote up Vote down Mad ‘Ol Cop · 9 hours ago
People! Wake up, especially in Dane County. I am a 24 year veteran law enforcement officer who has worked in Dane County my whole life. I have never seen our criminal justice system as bad as it is now with the current DAs office. All you read in the media is the arrest and that the suspect “is facing X number of years, and Y amount of a fine”. The very truth is that NO CRIMINAL ever faces a full charge EVER in Dane County. The DAs office immediately reduces charges and then begins the process of making plea bargains on the BEHALF of the defendant to try and make sure that the criminal never goes to trial. I have personally seen hundreds of serious criminals, doing very serious and REPEATED crimes, get every kind of “program” under the sun so that they will never have to step foot into Kathleen’s vacant jail.

There is no more punishment. Only hand holding and kick them out the door. Probation is a joke because probation officers are also ordered to not jail violators. Give em the bracelet and let them sit at home. I personally arrested a 22 year old repeated burglar with a rap sheet that would boggle the mind. Drugs, ***aults, heroin, dozens of car break-ins, and numerous burglaries. Over and over. Last burglary to an OCCUPIED home, guess what he got? Another drug treatment program and absolutely NO JAIL!

Even if these thugs were caught, and everyone was so happy with the police officer’s actions. The bottom line is this, they would spend 1-2 days in jail until they saw a judge, they only would have to sign a piece of paper as a signature bond and out they go to prey on another old lady. Get a cheap lawyer as they outnumber the prosecutors 250 to 1 in Madison, and get a sweet deal that involves nothing more than a year on probation with no teeth and no jail.

Another repeat offender I arrested recently for the 4th time for the SAME theft asked me, “Why do you even keep arresting me? I never get anything as the DAs toss the charges as its only theft”? He knows the system and knows to do his crimes in Dane County because he will not ever face serious punishment. He also knows not to do crimes in other counties because they will throw his can in jail!

I do not want to throw the word “liberal” around, but darn it, this city and county have become a feeding ground for serious criminals that know that they will not be punished. Ozanne is about as liberal as they come and Sheriff Kathleen is right along for the ride. Yes, it IS expensive to put people in jail/prison. Yes, SOME people do turn their lives around with help and a 2nd chance. However, we no longer have a 1st offenders program in Dane County. We have the 8th and 9th offenders program and even then, it’s a crap shoot if they will see jail.

I never carried my gun off duty in Madison for the first 18 years, but I sure do now. Sorry folks, but the cold hard truth is that those 5% who are predators on the 95% good people are winning and I for one will not be taken down that easy. Please follow a case in the paper of a serious crime on CCAP and see for yourself the end result. You WILL be sick to your stomach.

Stay safe.