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jonmandude wrote:

You know I got on and did a “rally the troops” type thread to try to see what kind of backing I could get to start a mass cruise on the capitol (like the bikers did years ago to repeal the helmet law and like the pro-pot people do every year). I got told to “shut up” and was met with nothing but, what felt like, fear. It seems as tho all of the import crowd is afraid to speak up for fear of being noticed by the police. “we don’t dare get together as a group so they can ticket us all. Let’s just put our heads in the sand and hope they don’t notice us”.

My biggest fear is that Madison decides that the next step is to do what they do in California. Pull over any car that may be modified, inspect it, and if anything is not stock, impound it to be destroyed. I don’t want my freedom to enjoy this hobby taken away. But I can’t stand alone and the ones that need to speak up won’t. So screw it. Let the police do what they want and when the Gestapo start impounding cars, I will laugh and say “see maybe you should have done something back then”

I am in that website also. Don’t know if you read my post and reply to you but when I saw you post there I knew you where doomed from the start. The website doesn’t like people popping in and throwing up stuff without intros. It takes awhile to get any established respect there.

Think of it as walking into a new bar and telling everyone there your stories when no one knows who you are. It won’t be recieved well.

You raised good points, just without any knowledge of who you are they pounced on you.

Wash is discussed regularly on there, we had a heads up the cops where coming out in force and most decided to aviod the area that weekend. Most also know things are changing and try to keep the ass hats out of the Wash, but that small minority will be what destroys it.