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thanks for the insight lilwillie. I was shocked when I got the “we don’t know you” comments. Who gives a rats behind about who is talking about a subject, it is the subject that is important, not the person. we here understand that, we are adults. They come across as children. And that is exactly why the police are able to do this. They know that children won’t speak up. They know that children won’t band together and stand up for themselves or others. The police are singling out the import group because they are children. If any classics go to East Washington, they are not hassled. The police won’t risk it.

As I said on that forum, I agree that the street racing HAS to stop. Same with the running red lights and reckless driving. But the gestapo tactics, of pulling people over for exhaust and tints simply to harass, should not be tolerated.

My idea was to get attention, to get the media to notice so an avenue would open up to get that out. To say “Hey we support you making the city safer, just don’t go too far. Let us have our hobby”.

The pot smokers have done an excellent job of getting the police to give them concessions. They are allowed to have small amounts of marijuana without hassle. And pot is federally illegal. The cigar smokers are trying to get concessions in the smokin gban for them. They are trying to get legislature to allow them their rights. Why can’t the car community get concessions?

My exhaust, by the letter of the law is illegal (as well as anyone here who doesn’t have a stock exhaust). But it is not as loud as buses, or Harley’s, or even lawn mowers. My tint is within legal limits. Yet If I were to drive my car, and get noticed by a cop wanting to be part of this “enforcement initiative’ I will be hassled. The law needs to be looked at. It is subjective at best. Can they establish acceptable decible limits?