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I don’t think the fuzz will leave you alone if you’re driving a classic, or a truck, or a new era muscle car- every ticket is more $$$ for the city. Trust me, I’ve been pulled over on east wash for BS driving all the above.

Reckless driving and running red lights should be enforced. Also, passengers riding in the back of trucks should be outlawed-its just outright unsafe. What you do on your farm is your business, but don’t do it in town. Exhaust and tint are two easy outs for the 5-0, they bust any car they can for that. I say if they are going to worry about that, then they need to start writing tickets to the hippies driving 20 year old toyota’s that are burning oil like there heating a house. Or the plant lady with the rusty subaru that drops chunks of 1/4 panel everytime she goes over the railroad tracks…

As far as goes, it sounds like the majority of the members should be extra’s on 90210. I’ve heard its a younger generation over there… Guys like Jon, Willie, and myself understand how the world works because we’re a lil bit older than the majority. However, its not really cool to attack a new member with good intentions.

I still say we organize. To quote Eazy E, F— Da Police.