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Eclipse_Tuner wrote:

Im all for action.

Yes the import crowd has gotten a bad rap…mainly for a lot of young kids being incredibly stupid. However it has stereotyped the group as a whole and the madison cops are on that bandwagon. And that makes it incredibly frustrating for the younger car crowd to have any incentive to get involved in the scene.

I mean, why would kids want to be involved in a scene where a pair of cops tear apart an interior that took 2 weeks to fabricate and cost a couple grand?..all without any real reason (i dont do or transport drugs, so there would be no reason for suspicion).

Madison has this self-righteous mentality that it is the world’s Pleasantville…when in fact is is far from it. Yes, there are some liberal trends that are due to it being a major college town…but the government here is anything but liberal. If it upsets the “established order” it is deemed bad…which is exactly what they are doing with the anti-cruising campaign.

It is just like when some of us were kids cruising the square, there are always a handful of idiots that screw it up for everyone else. Bringing out Mom’s car and trying to melt the tires. I must say it may have been a bit easier to melt the one rear tire on Mom’s Big Block station wagon in the early 70’s..:woohoo: