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Eclipse_Tuner wrote:

Im all for action.

Yes the import crowd has gotten a bad rap…mainly for a lot of young kids being incredibly stupid. However it has stereotyped the group as a whole and the madison cops are on that bandwagon. And that makes it incredibly frustrating for the younger car crowd to have any incentive to get involved in the scene.

I mean, why would kids want to be involved in a scene where a pair of cops tear apart an interior that took 2 weeks to fabricate and cost a couple grand?..all without any real reason (i dont do or transport drugs, so there would be no reason for suspicion).

Madison has this self-righteous mentality that it is the world’s Pleasantville…when in fact is is far from it. Yes, there are some liberal trends that are due to it being a major college town…but the government here is anything but liberal. If it upsets the “established order” it is deemed bad…which is exactly what they are doing with the anti-cruising campaign.

Not to get off subject, but why did you allow them to search your vehicle? It’s perfectly legal to tell them to get a warrant first. Having an officer search under the seats, in the glovebox, in the trunk, etc. is one thing, but when they tear the panels and seats and such out of your car and you allow that to happen, no offense but thats stupidity on your part – especially if they have no probable cause.

I don’t know you personally, but I don’t get the impression that you are a “stupid kid” who drives recklessly and causes trouble, therefore deserves the treatment your vehicle alledegly recieved. If I were you, I would consult an attorney. To me, it sounds you have been a victim of circumstance (in the worng place at the wrong time). Its also possible a similar car was seen and/or involved in drug activity near the vicinity of where you were stopped. Nonetheless, you still have rights.