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Eclipse_Tuner wrote:

Madison has this self-righteous mentality that it is the world’s Pleasantville…when in fact is is far from it. Yes, there are some liberal trends that are due to it being a major college town…but the government here is anything but liberal. If it upsets the “established order” it is deemed bad…which is exactly what they are doing with the anti-cruising campaign.

There is the biggy right there. Madison is beyond liberal, if you follow what they want you to follow you will be all right. If you have beliefs or enjoy hobbies the city doesn’t like, you are targeted. That really isn’t a liberal mindset.

Instead of worrying about cruising the Wash, a new location should be found in a city or town that enjoys people spending money on Friday and Saturday nights.

Personally, Madison is lost. It is a monster that won’t be controlled any longer. More effort is put into making sure no one is offended that it ends up everyone is offended by the lack of anything being done.