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Not to get off subject, but why did you allow them to search your vehicle? It’s perfectly legal to tell them to get a warrant first. Having an officer search under the seats, in the glovebox, in the trunk, etc. is one thing, but when they tear the panels and seats and such out of your car and you allow that to happen, no offense but thats stupidity on your part – especially if they have no probable cause.

Trust me, I filed a complaint as soon as I got home. But yeah, it was a total case of circumstance in that I was in the wrong place on the wrong night and they basically wanted to send a message. I decided to suck it up and let them do it in order to let them waste their time and for me to not get any more tickets than needed…cuz had I said no, then they probably would have written me up for everything they possibly could.

Regardless, the “anti-cruising campaign” is sheer stupidity. The billboards they had up last year really showed their mentality. I try to give them respect and the benefit of doubt because my sister is a cop (not in Madison)…but Madison cops are so backwards and narrow minded, they give me no reason to respect them.