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GTO Man wrote:

Doesn’t the Barney Fife Patrol have anything better to do. Like maybe catching some of the real criminals that have invaded this pathetic city.

EXACTLY!! Cruising takes a higher priority than drug enforcement? I firmly believe that the State Patrol could/should be eliminated and the money should be spent actually enforcing the laws that involve REAL CRIME. I agree that reckless driving should be handled but when did anyone doing 10 miles over the speed limit on an empty highway actually pose a threat to life at the level that it seems to be enforced? With gas prices at a never-ending flux, Why does our tax dollars continue to go towards an officer sitting on the side of the road, waiting to harass (generally) law abiding citizens when REAL criminals can sell drugs to our children?

Here’s a message to our lovely police force…Go solve a crime and arrest a criminal. Let us enjoy our hobby without harassment. A loud exhaust never hurt anyone.