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MMRJR wrote:

My experience has been that you get what you pay for. Quite frankly, nowadays, you don’t get much car for 15K. If you’re just looking for a weekend cruiser or a cruise night car, then you can do pretty good for 15K.

I would disagree with you to an extent. I think if you shop long and hard, and have the means to travel, you can find some pretty sweet cars that would be show contenders IMO. Depending on what your looking for, of course. You wouldn’t find a pristine ’69 Charger for that kinda $$$, but a damn nice GM A body car on the other hand…

Originality and year correct factory stock restoration is important to me, so consequently, cars of this nature are much more expensive. I have’t seen too many cars lately that were original or have been restored to factory original specs, that were selling for this kind of money. That ’62 Impala convertible in need of a full restoration had an asking price of 25K! When finished, this car would have been worth 45K easy!

I also agree with you on restorations. I prefer a stock resto, but with a few goodies under the stock appearing valve covers and intake manifold 👿