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GM is so lost right now, they will do anything to get that gov’t money.

They should’ve filed Ch. 11 and not took any handouts in the first place. Obama needs to stay out of the car business, especially since his boys at the UAW are a great majority of the problem.

I’m sad to see pontiac go, when I was a kid my mom’s old car sat junked out in the back yard, a ’73 LeMans Sport 400. That car was one of the best play toys I ever had! You could roll the windows down and slide in and out like the Dukes, pretend the car would talk back to me like KITT, and since it didn’t run you could shift thru the gears and play with all the bells and whistles on it.;)

I’ve owned a lot of GM’s but never a Pontiac. I’m sad to see it go.