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GTO Man wrote:

And I will be adorned in blaze orange. Looks like great weather this weekend. I have seen quite a few deer bow hunting this year so expect to see some this weekend. Have gotten one so far and had jerky and sausage made out of it from Stoddard’s in Cottage Grove. Turned out great.

What do people think of the DNR allowing 10 year olds to get hunting licenses?

I’ll be out every day. Seen some nice Bucks around my house and around the Farm. I have a picture of a 18 inch 10 point walking through the front yard. He got poked by a friend of mine. Shining I have seen some monsters in our Marsh. Last night I had a 15 inch 6 pointer 100 yds. from my stand.

10 year olds I’m fine with. The setup is perfect. One gun in the stand, arms length away Parent in control all the time. Pretty safe. No different then taking them target shooting. Teach them young and they will respect firearms. I wish more parents would send their kids through a gun safety course so they understand and respect firearms.

I was taught to hunt when I went into the stand at 10. DNR to hell, I was hunting early, pushing deer, doing drives with Dad and his friends. 10 and 11 I got to sit and understand what it was to hunt, at 12 I had my gun and still sat with Dad until he was sure I was safe.