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MMRJR wrote:

Garibaldi, Thanks for the hard work on this proposed standard.

As a general guideline, I am in favor of and in agreement with this proposal. This standard is specific enough to be applicable to all or most cars and trucks, yet general enough for a judge to factor in the age of the vehicle, whether the vehicle is trailered or driven, attention to small details in the restoration.

I strongly support the participant voting guideline of not voting in one’s own class, and then voting in a designated number of other classes determined by the show’s organizers. We have seen this system work very well at Spring Green, the Janesville Jesus Show and others.

+1. Im with Marshall on this, I have judged at shows were you didn’t have enough catagories to decisevly (sp?) and fairly judge the vehicles, or you had too many factors which you spent too much time with a vehicle and ran out of time.