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GTO Man wrote:

Wick Building Systems in Mazomanie to layoff 352 and 148 in Marshfield.

Wick Article

This one will hurt. That is every large industry now below capacity or closed.

Sunny/Synergy is closed.

Wick will close the offices, the Ag department looks to stay open, maybe.

Roundy’s is at half capacity

Plastic Ingenuity is hovering just below capacity

Cardinal Glass only hired 25 people, not the 125 the Doyle bragged about.

The Cardinal Plant is the funny one. They are suppose to be produced Solar Glass but the plant doesn’t have a solar panel on it to power anything. They don’t even use their own product, Vaporware if you ask me. Wicks should bounce back once they restructure. The 3-1 perceived ratio of office people to plant people doesn’t help your overhead.

But hey, Doyle, raise some more taxes, we business aren’t hurt by the love-taxing attitude you have….douche..