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Ms. Moparkid and I went to her company Christmas party last night at Prime Quarter. Before we left, I asked her, “Should we take the truck? I haven’t been to Madison all week but I can imagine the streets are crap…” She opted to take the winter car, and IMO we should’ve had the truck. The streets are absolutely terrible!!! We were only on main roads, but I can imagine what side streets were like… This pisses me off because my Grandma lives on the west side and they don’t plow the streets.

Progressive Dane is working there way into the County Hwy Dept also. 18-151 only had one lane clear for two days, WTF? Iowa County plows there roads better by my house (I live on the county line) than Dane will.

Time for new county government. If you live in District 30, vote for Don Steinhauer in April :)