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More than likely she is a token turkey hunter and snowmobiler, kind of like Sarah Palin. She is in business with her husband building houses, I believe.

Walker is appointing people who will be willing to rollback protections put in place on the environment, health care, etc. I will give her the benefit of the doubt but I don’t want to see businesses get a free run at the expense of the environment. Unfortunately most business owners(corporations) seem to care less about the effects of their business practices, as long as it means more money in their pockets.

I used to do allot of fishing but see little point when they recommend you don’t eat what you catch. I have a number of fish mounted and that is why I would fish now, to put them on the wall. But maybe it is a reflection of this country’s food production system. I think the only way is to go is away from corporate production and go with the smaller organic farmer. I would rather pay more and not worry as much about the drugs ingested through food eaten.