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MMRJR wrote:

Job termination is even more “cold and impersonal” for state workers. Typically, the Capital Police will be notified and standing by when a state worker is terminated or furloughed (usually first thing in the morning). The former worker will be escorted out of the building by a police officer, and told to leave state property, and his or her personal items will be packed up in cardboard boxes by a supervisor or manager. The former employee will be called and told when they can drive by the building and pick up their personal property (after hours).

Big entity’s (such as Dean) do not appear to be any more kinder or gentler than state government:(

Termination is like that all over, I remember years ago when I worked for Kraft the security guards were at your desk with HR and your manager and escorted you out of the building in front of everyone, your personal belongings would find their way to your home a few days later. Earlier this year quite a few were let go where I work and it was similiar situations, with the exception of the security guard. You were still given a box to pack up your stuff in a matter of minutes and escorted out of the building by HR. I’ve always thought this is a very cold way to terminate employment anywhere, but understand employers can’t give you notice you;re going to be done on Friday at noon (or whatever), I’m sure there are many out there that would do damage before they left..

I wasn’t knocking Dean either, just joking! Lighten up Francis! :P