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Wow, I didn’t think the review would spark such venom. I think it’s hard to satisfy everyone. About the Vette thing, I think the owner is a Vette guy. I’m assuming that because of the Corvette up on the lift. The New Berlin store is run by the Middleton people. I think a nice import tuner should be welcomed at the cruise night. We are all car guys, no? My review was done without my usual bias about things regarding cruise nights, but it should be known that I have an established cruise night at the Dairy Queen a couple miles down Moreland on the same night they schedule theirs. I’m kinda worried as they are now the 300 pound Gorilla in the room, but I am hoping that my price point for food and the give aways will retain my cruisers. I’m just the hired DJ, but I think we will do alright. I know the Loser’s Car Club has said they will stay at DQ, but they do want to try the QS&L to see what it’s like. I want everyone to have a good time with cars and friends and I think mine will provide that.