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Sounds like a decent place. I have yet to check out the new QSL on Johnson St. in Madison, but I can say that when I attend a car night at the one in Middleton, I eat at home and bring my own drinks with me. I like the atmosphere, but not the food. Here’s why:

-I’ve never had anything cooked the way Ive asked it to be prepared.

-9 times out of 10 I get a waiter or waitress who has a piss poor attitude.

-A friend of mine took his wife and daughters there last spring and it took them 90 minutes to get there food. He was lied to by two punk kid servers and the manager finally straightened it out. Got there meal for free, but piss-poor service once again.

-I do not believe in mandatory gratuity for groups of 8 or more.

-I know exactly what you’re talking about with the patio furniture tables and chairs. Kind of ghetto if you ask me.

Now, I stated I like the atmosphere outside during the summer, but the Middleton atmosphere inside is another story:

-The Thurs Nite DJ sucks. Then they have karaoke also, and I can’t decide which one is worse.

-Bartenders in the ‘garage’ are not friendly. I want to buy a soda or a beer from a friendly bartender, not some college girl on the rag.

-The nerd’s at the car gate last year were turning away some of my friends with modified import sports cars because they weren’t “classics”. As they’re turning cars around, here come two old geezers in new Corvettes who were welcomed with open arms. WTF? A new Corvette is now a classic, but an Evo and a Speed3 that could wax them ‘vettes hands down aren’t “classic enough?”

If it wasn’t for the company of good friends, I’d tell QSL to kiss my ass. I don’t really care to go there this year, a cruise in started about 15 miles from where I live and its easier to get to, so I’ll spend my time there :)