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moparkid25 wrote:


I was talking with an aquaintance of mine today that knows Jim Caudle. I made mention of recent events and asked what he thought. He did confirm that Jim is sick, but getting the help he needs and is doing everything he can to earn a speedy recovery. This was good to hear!

I wont get into other details, mainly because they are not my business nor anyone elses.

I find it amusing that when things or life changing experiences don’t go Lance’s way, he would have the audacity to act so childish by claiming someone’s illness is a hoax. A person’s life is no joke. Just goes to show the character of Lance Peterson. I’ve said he was a scumbag before… If you want to read his posts, here is a link to his Facebook page:

With an attitude like this, I can’t imagine why he went out of business…. 3 times.

His page is locked and I don’t think I want to ask an alledged douche for friend status. Pretty bad when people have to resort to douchery.