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Personally, I am outraged and incensed at the tone and intent of the those who are opposing this project. Basically, they have said that they don’t want “those kind of people” in their neighborhood. How exclusionary is that? These are the folks that live on University Bay Drive and along the hill on Shorewood Drive.

My workplace is right next door to the Pyare Square building and it is sad to see so much potential just sitting there dormant. I was hoping that a developer would come in and rehab the existing building and turn it into condos, townhouses, or apartments.

This proposed development would be set back away from University Avenue, but would be very close to the Black Hawk Country Club Golf Course and club house (a private country club).

If you are interested in this controversy, I would encourage you to read the news article posted by GTO MAN and read the subsequent postings on In my mind, this issue is not really about a construction project, but about a small group of “blue bloods” trying to insulate and isolate their little slice of heaven, from everyone who doesn’t have what they have.