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talking to the town board members I know they said the township portion will be down. But they said expect a substantial increase because of Madison’s meddling in our affairs. Falks 25 here, 50 here, 30 here, MATC’s 20 here, 70 here….these fucking idiots don’t realize that when they tell us “it is only a 20 dollar increase” that after we here that 10 times we get a little pissed off.

I seriously hate Madison politicians now, in the last few months they have continually attempted to exert their wishes on the rest of the county and I am sick of it.

I’d run for County seat but thankfully my district has a proper official in there now, Kurt, he is a Libertarian which I am fast becoming.

Ripp in the State seat is the one that needs to be gone, his actions lately has pandered to Madison, not to his districts wishes.