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jonmandude wrote:

Mad Max’s Holden was a police car.
Either car Will Smith had in Bad Boys
The Charger SRT8 in Street Kings

Mad Max’s Holden for sure, but the iconic Black Falcon he uses later on is cop car as well. Back in the seventies, Georgia had V8 Pintos, prepared by Gapp and Roush and later they had Mustang IIs. AMC Javelins were used there as well. Wisconsin State Patrol had Fox body Mustangs, and I liked the AMC four door Matadors they had. Back in the 70s, the town of Cotati, California had Mazda sedans that were rotary equipped. The State of California had used for one year only, the Olds Delmont in 1967. In 68, they went to the Dodge Polara.